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Valentine’s Day Inspired

February 1, 2018

February 1st marks the month of love! Around here, gift giving is definitely our love language. A little something blooming, an adorable puppy card (right?!) or a yummy chocolate treat are all things we’re gifting this February 14th. Who doesn’t like a surprise? You can find everything that warms our heart below.

  1. A Floral John Derian Paperweight
  2. A Blooming Orchid
  3. Locally made Sweeteeth Chocolate Bar
  4. Hugs & Kisses Doormat
  5. Gold-filled Heart Earrings by Victoria Cunningham
  6. A “Love”ly pot and houseplant combo
  7. A “Be Mine” card with heart puppy eyes
  8. Camelia Iris bar soap

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