Caring for Your Plants in the Cold

January 18, 2018

Charleston has certainly had some interesting weather lately. From a snowy New Year to moderate temps and now back to cold, anyone who has successfully kept their plants thriving deserves a prize! In anticipation of colder February temperatures, we’ve put together a few tips to keep your plants happy during this chilly time.

  1. Cover your plants as long as temperatures are 32 degrees and below. Something as simple as a bedsheet that’s lightweight and breathable works well.
  2. String lights can also be a clever tool. When strung around your plants, string lights (not LED) can add heat and create a greenhouse effect. This can be particularly helpful for citrus and tropicals.
  3. Not pruning and cleaning up your plants before cold temperatures can actually be a good thing. The extra bit of foliage can help insulate the plants during the cold.
  4. When watering, water at the base of the plant instead of from above. This will cut down on moisture on the foliage that will freeze.


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