Caring for Your Camellias

October 21, 2019

Often called the Rose of Winter, camellias are a southern favorite! When it comes to caring for these beloved plants, we want to make sure yours is happy, healthy and thriving! Below are a few tips from our presentation this past Saturday to help you succeed in caring for your newly planted or well established camellias.

Soil and Location: Camellias need to be planted in well drained soil in a shady area. They are reasonably cold hardy. Most are able to withstand below freezing, but if it is constantly below freezing, they may get damaged. Be sure to protect from frost during chilly times!

Deer: Deer love camellias, so be careful! They are not deer resistant.

Watering: A newly planted camellia needs good watering. Watch the weather, especially in the summer when temps are high. Yours could need to be watered as much as every other day.

Pruning: The ideal pruning time is after the plant has finished blooming.

Fertilizing: Camellias prefer acid soil. You should fertilize in March for new growth and again in May or June for good blooms. We recommend Hollytone Fertilizer.

Pests: Scale is the major pest on camellias. We recommend Bayer Tree and Shrub, Bon-Neem Oil or Sevin.

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